What the hell is with Zune’s Animating Taskbar Text?

What. The. Hell?

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Thanks Zune. After getting rid of the annoying, distracting, attention-grabbing taskbar text animations in the 3.x series, Zune 4.x now brings it back in force, with no obvious way to disable it.

Every time the text changes, my attention is drawn to the taskbar. This isn’t remotely cool. This is distracting. That the option was there and is now gone tells me you don’t care about me.

Thanks for nothing.

Formula One Refuelling Ban: Worst. Race. Ever.

Well done guys, you broke the spectacle pretty comprehensively.

Bahrain was a boring track at the best of times. Adding bumpy corners that extend a lap is not really that cool to watch.

But now, with no refuelling… there is no strategy. It’s a freakin’ train.

It had better get better soon. Otherwise, F1 will have squandered the most compelling driver lineup it’s seen in recent years.

Why Macs are better than PC’s

Because they never crash, because they don’t have bugs like Micro$oft Windoze.


On a fresh install of Tiger, with all updates, I get this crash every 30 mins or so. I have no non-Apple software installed.

I was at a friend’s house last weekend, and he has become quite the fanboi. He demonstrated his Mac to me, to prove that I should get one. It locked up and had to be rebooted 3 times during the half hour I was in front of it. Applications had to be Force Quit. This did not weaken his faith, if anything it strengthened it. He blamed the crashes on one of either 2 possible causes:

  1. I had plugged in my USB hard disk, which had been formatted on a Windows computer. Micro$oft bugs caused the crash
  2. He probably had a Safari tab open with Flash on it. Flash caused the whole computer to crash. Adobe are bad, Steve said so.

He also questioned why I would have a USB hard disk instead of the vastly superior Firewire.