Armed Assault 1.12 due "soon", and should fix the >3GB problem

Since upgrading to a Vista x64 box with 4GB RAM, I’ve been unable to play Armed Assault. Well, not with, what’s the word? Oh, right, visible graphics.

Sure, you can limit your total memory to <=3GB via BCDEDIT and reboot every single time you want to play the game, but, um, that’s not the best user experience.

A post to the Flashpoint1985 Armed Assault Troubleshooting forum (which seems to get indexed by precisely zero search engines, doesn’t support RSS feeds and is generally a pain in the bum to use) suggests that the upcoming patch (1.12, I think was mentioned somewhere, but whatever; as long as it works (1.09 beta doesn’t)) will fix that.

Now where’s the damn patch!? It’s coming up on a year and a half since release, and still no Vista support. Lift your game, folks!

3 thoughts on “Armed Assault 1.12 due "soon", and should fix the >3GB problem

  1. Modify your shortcut and it’ll work just fine!!

    Normal ArmA:
    arma.exe” -nosplash -maxmem=512

    Queens Gambit:
    arma.exe” -nosplash -maxmem=512 -mod=DBE1

  2. Hey Morten – unfortunately not on a box with 4GB of memory. The 1.11/1.12 beta patches (linked at bottom) fix it well. ArmA is finally realizing its potential!

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