mcehome[1]A quick directory of the Windows Media Center info available at Tha Pee Jay. Or Media Centre information, for the Britishers.

Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005

The Quick And Dirty Build Guide – the abridged version that covers most of the steps in setting up an MCE PC.

The Original Build Experience – dated by Update Rollup 2’s release, which fixes the Channel 9 and SBS problem (at least, for my tuners).

Networking and the combinations of components recommended by the Windows networking folks (including the 802.11a preference)

Update Rollup 2 – What it is, and what it does. If you’re installing an MCE now (early 2006), you’ll be WindowsUpdating a bit after installation.

Intervideo DVD Decoder software – I like the Intervideo WinDVD codec. It’s not perfect (see the link), but the image quality is better than most, for my money. Which they have.

IceTV – the guide for me.

How to get DivX Subtitles on MCE – Shifty’s popular article.

TV Connectors – the quick guide to what’s best to plug into what when you can’t use VGA, DVI or HDMI, inspired by my SCART telly and S-Video capable video card.

Finally, Microsoft have really gone all-out on overhauling the Media Centre site, and it not only looks good, it’s full of useful content too.