PjPic is a utility that helps you manage images. You copy an image to the Windows Clipboard (for example, using the Print Screen or Alt+PrtScn keys, or Edit->Copy, or…) then double-click the tray icon to name and save it.

It saves images to your computer, and can optionally then upload them to an internet site.

It supports multiple image folders (per profile), image formats (jpg, png, bmp, tif – per profile, type the extension manually to quickly force another type) and customizable upload locations (http/s, ftp – per profile). So you can run eight blogs, email images to anyone you want, and keep the images stored separately.

PjPic is beta software, and you use it at your own risk.

Current stable version:, 17 Feb 2006
Download – 14KB

Current dev beta version: 0.9.0.*, 26 Feb (self-updating)
Install From The Web

Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0

Bind the profile display name to its file name
Allow reordering of profiles without using alphabetic sort (or numbers)