Think before you act

I just tried Firefox 1.5 and was very disappointed to find that all but two of my installed extensions were compatible. Since I heavily use those extensions, this was not an acceptable situation.

So I uninstalled Firefox 1.5. It didn’t rollback to 1.0.7, it just completely removed all of firefox, there weren’t even any icons in the Start MRU. I knew the risks of my gung-ho approach, but still I felt a cold chill down my spine. What if I have recklessly removed all of my bookmarks, settings and saved passwords? It would be worse than losing a limb. Well, not an arm.

I loaded up Firefox’s poor cousin, Maxthon, and went to getfirefox. I downloaded 1.0.7 and installed it. On the first load, an error dialog appeared that gave me a list of the incompatible extensions that i had installed. The list was empty. Did that mean that all my extensions were compatible, or that I have no extensions. There was a button  for checking, which surely wouldn’t be there if it had already checked. Fear. Disk activity. My Firefox is back. Yay!

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One thought on “Think before you act

  1. I disagree.
    Firefox 1.0x is not the same that 1.5 AT ALL. You can get the new extensions (u need to browse the entire list….but you will find it) I found Firefox much better than IE 6 and IE 7 beta 1.
    You can do WHATEVER u want, Gmail integrations is amaizing! (file transfer, Email alerts, etc). Tabs, the TABMix extension will provide u with so many choices that you will spend some time just setting it up.
    On top of that you have IE rendering extension in case the page doesn’t show properly in Firefox.

    However, I found a couple of bugs with Video(quickTime to be specific) and Adobe PDF files sometimes. In both cases a nice DR Watson will tell me that mi browser has crashed!

    I still hope that IE 7.0 will improve its setting to allow more changes in it configuration, especially with the TABS.

    I have Mozilla 1.5 + extensions and Maxthon/IE 7.0- B1. But this Browser War is not over yet….. keep on Eye on Opera 9.0 (you cna get a beta version in the underground 😉 ) You will get impressed about its performance, but it needs more configuration options, hopefully Beta 2 or Final release will be much better.

    Go Opera ! (not the one on TV ;-))

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