Apple releases software to dual-boot Win XP on Intel Macs

Apple has today released a public beta of “Boot Camp”, which allows you to run Windows XP on your Intel Mac. The two operating systems cannot run simultaneously, it is a dual-boot situation (not duel-boot). When the Mac starts to boot, the user must hold down the Option key to get a menu of available OSes. No word yet on whether Linux etc can be chosen as the second OS, but I am sure that nerds worldwide will be trying.

When you run Boot Camp, it can create a CD for you with all the Mac-specific drivers for Windows:

  • Graphics
  • Networking
  • Audio
  • AirPort wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • The Eject key (on Apple keyboards)
  • Brightness control for built-in displays

Currently there is no driver support for:

  • iSight Cameras
  • the Apple Remote
  • the Apple USB Modem
  • the keyboard backlighting on MacBookPro

Opinion seems to be almost entirely positive, with Mac zealots hoping that Windows users will be lured away, Mac users embracing the possibility of gaming, and Windows users excited about using pretty Apple hardware. The market seems to agree, with Apple stock rising 8% since the announcement.

If they only made a two mouse button notebook I would be very tempted, very tempted indeed.

Yes, I know I can use a real USB mouse. I mean built-in below the trackpad.

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