Playing RealMedia (.rm .rmvb) in Media Center MCE 2005

It is possible to play RealMedia files on your MCE (or in Windows Media Player), it just takes a few easy steps.

  1. Exit the Media Center program and go to the Desktop
  2. Download and install Real Alternative, the codec to play RealMedia files. If you have suffered a severe head injury, you could try installing the actual RealPlayer from Real Networks instead. About Real Alternative.
  3. Make a quick change to your registry (save this registry file without the “.txt” extension and double click it).
  4. Press The Green Button.
  5. Look at all the pretty new thumbnails for your RealMedia files.
  6. Pat yourself on the back and say “thanks Pinkjoint, and thank you Shifty”.

Credit goes to this thread on thegreenbutton, a great resource for MCE owners.

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15 thoughts on “Playing RealMedia (.rm .rmvb) in Media Center MCE 2005

  1. Im confused about the registry file part. I dont know anything about that stuff. Could you clear that part up for me?

  2. The link for registry file is not working. Can you send it to me. Thank you.

  3. its probably because the chinese character in it.. i think, originally, it was this:

    “Content Type”=”video/realmedia”


  4. Thanks, but it didn’t work for me, probably because i’m trying in W7 🙁

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