PjPic – like PasteOff on steroids!

On steroids, that is, without the shrivelled um… equipment and rage issues!

PjPic could be called a spiritual sequel to PasteOff, in much the same way that other spiritual sequels bear little resemblance of their alleged parents.

It’s got multiple save profiles (one folder per profile, one upload location per profile, one set of clipboard text per profile) – which was the biggest drawback of Pasteoff when posting to twenty blogs, uses the .Net Webclient class to support uploads to HTTP, HTTPS and FTP sites, and has a custom FTP implementation that supports active FTP.

Upload Passwords are stored using DPAPI via .Net, so they’re more secure in the profile than on the wire!

You copy an image to the clipboard, then double-click the tray icon to save that image in the format of your choice.

More information and the download here.