Whar’s Me 360? Oi Want It Now, Loike!

JB at Macquarie had an Xbox 360 display console hooked up. While the inputs looked a bit lame (there was some image ghosting on the monitor), PGR3 was playing, and a friend and I snatched a go.

Damn, that is one good-looking good-playing game. I like much. I loved PGR2, but PGR3 goes up to eleven. The smack talk was flying thick and fast in-store, so XBL’s going to be a whole new ballgame. Already, I’m accepting challenges from other long-time nemeses.

Roll on the Aussie Xbox 23rd! – think I’ll be taking some Annual Leave for the remainder of that week, and trying to drown myself in gamegasm. If that’s a disturbing mental image, well, that’s OK, it’ll be pretty disturbing here, I can tell you.

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