Ethical Digging?

This post from ConnectedInternet made me wonder (and really, just wonder, I’m not throwing stones here):

How ethical is it to submit one’s own posts to Digg?

On the positive side, the Digging system should (at least in theory) take care of stories that don’t actually have any real merit per se.

The ethical question – for me – is over the Digg model: read first, then rate. It’s a good model, but it also provides some baseline reward for people submitting stories just for the hell of it, even if it’s only a single page view (and I’m guessing that it’s typically much more than a single).

Aw, bugger it, I’ll just submit the really good posts I write. Like this one. Uhm, perhaps not.

2 thoughts on “Ethical Digging?

  1. Hi

    I realised as well that digging all my articles wasnt ethical and also dumb as all that happened was the poor ones didn’t get enough Diggs (which was a bit embarassing!). Now, I only digg articles that I think other people will be interested in, in order to see what other people’s views are. This is why I started blogging in the first place so I think it’s a valid use of Digg. What do you think?


  2. Hey!

    I think it’s an interesting question. If you wrote something, you presumably found some value in the topic, so it seems legit to Digg it.

    If you were a commercial news site, I’d call it astroturfing, but if it’s a blog… it’s hard to draw the line.

    /. would probably (I’d guess) not publish stories that appear to be the author looking for exposure in the first place, but I think that’s an advantage of Digg as well as being potentially exploitable!

    Anyway, I don’t hold digging your own stories against you. If you didn’t, who would? 🙂

    (I’m sure it’s not like telling a funny joke, then wearing an “I am funny” T-shirt around for days afterwards).

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