Xbox 360 Controller + Live Headset = Ventrilo fun!

Yesterday’s Big Discovery: When you plug in an Xbox 360 Live headset to the XB360 controller for Windows, it creates a new sound device, just like “real” USB headphones.

The audio quality isn’t good enough for music listening, but as a dedicated sound device for Ventrilo, it has possibilities – the Xbox Live model of using a headset for talking plus the TV & stereo for the actual game experience is a pretty good one, so I’m going to give it a try with some BF2 sometime soon…

For that type of experience, set your regular soundcard as preferred for output in the Windows Sounds and Audio Devices Control Panel. If you want to use in-game audio (UT2004, etc) you might want to set the XB360 headset as the preferred Input.

Then, in the Ventrilo control panel, you just make sure Ventrilo wants to use the 360 headset as its input and output device (change the settings from Windows Default or whatever to the Xbox 360 Controller), and you’re done.

You don’t have to play with the controller – i’m using it as an extension cord for the headset and mic while keyboarding the opposition’s heads in. Figuratively.

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Controller + Live Headset = Ventrilo fun!

  1. this is pretty nice expecially with them about to release a PC adapter for their wireless controllers. One question though, can you configure ventrilo to use one of the controllers buttons for “push to talk”?

  2. Hey xanthan download a program called Xpadder. you can use it to bind keyboard buttons to your controller. for example right now I have my xbox 360 controllers right bumper bound to capslock, because caps is my vent talk button. i simply press right bumper and there we go!

    hope this is what u were asking, and hope that it works, 2 years later lol

  3. I do this with my xbox 360 controller live headset too! I love it. I thought I had to go buy a headset because my guild in Vindictus has a ventrilo, but I read your post after searching and now I don’t have to buy a headset! Thanks =D

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