100% CPU in Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 (btw, out now)

The most recent IE Developer Toolbar beta (something you’d have installed yourself, it doesn’t come with IE 7) is fatal to poor little IE7 beta 2! When IE is started, any attempt to use the UI results in it just sitting there hanging, chewing 100% (or 100%/numprocs) CPU time (that’s IEXPLORE.EXE * 32, if you’re process-focused).

You can uninstall the “IE Developer Toolbar” from Control Panel ->Add/Remove Programs, and you’ll have no further problem with it… But you won’t be able to use the current developer toolbar (duh!), which is a pity because it’s really very helpful. Oh well, back to Firefox for development…

On the plus side, there’s now a 64-bit version of IE7 too, which doesn’t have the same level of ActiveX… baggage… that previous versions had – it’s not the default, though, so you’ll need to check under Start -> Programs for IE (64-bit).