A New MCE2005 Rollup for April 2006!

It’s not Update Rollup 3, but it’s at least a cumulative update for Update Rollup 2.

Auto Updates users may have this already, but if not, there’s a new list of fixes in it. As an Aussie Digital TV user, none of the fixes reminded me of any past experiences (which is good), and it cuts down on the WindowsUpdate patching required for a new MCE box by at least one reboot, so I’m quite happy with that. However, I didn’t see a fix for the outstanding major pain-in-the-ass Program Guide problem.

Since the Xbox 360 extender update, I now get little DTV icons as well as the HD icons next to program guide listings for the IceTV stuff – not sure who did what, but it’s working pretty well with the Xbox 360 so far.