Video on the Iriver E10? Sounds tricky…

If you’re stopping by to ask about using an E10, please consider the disposition of your host! In the finest tradition of the best French and Chinese waiters, I will henceforth treat anyone asking about E10s with the polite scorn and derision they deserve. If this describes you, perhaps you’re not classy enough for this establishment, sir? (I infer with my raised eyebrow and stern glare)

In case you weren’t paying attention, I dislike the thing quite a bit and tell anyone looking to buy an iriver anything to look at the Clix instead (even if we never get Urge in Oz, which might not be a massive loss), which looks like it meets most of my criteria (the cable is still the flat-arrowy-usb-format, but I can deal with that if it really does Play For Sure – the E10 sure as hell doesn’t.)

(While on the subject, someone told someone else and I overheard that November would be the MTP firmware date for the E10. Sounds too far out to be true, except that it’s believable because the fecking thing is no good.)

So, how to do video on E10?

  • CNet suggests you drag an AVI file to it, and cross your fingers. Good advice. While I’m at it, rumours abound that Plus3 will be able to do this (plus2 can’t)
  • This misticriver thread suggests using BADAK to convert your video to an E10-friendly format (I won’t vouch for its operation – I haven’t tried it, hate the E10, remember?)
  • Engadget’s unanswered questions *cough* PlaysForSure *cough* seems prophetic now, doesn’t it?
  • My preferred option – buy something else that syncs with Media Player, and let it do the conversion and synchronization automagically. Have I mentioned I’m not an E10 fan?

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13 thoughts on “Video on the Iriver E10? Sounds tricky…

  1. iriver’s E10 can play video on it’s 128×128 color LCD. And like the U10 before it, iriver once again failed to provide any documentation as to how to compress videos to comply with the single format that the E10 will accept. So while you may not want to try walking your technologically-impaired relatives through this, the following steps will get you running in about 2 minutes.

    1.Download and install iriverter ( 2.

    2.Open the Profiles folder within your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\iriverter\profiles).

    3.Make a COPY of the u10.profile file, and name it e10.profile.

    4.Open the newly created e10.profile within WORDPAD NOT NOTEPAD.

    5.Change the device from “u10” to “e10”.

    7.Save the file, and close it.

    6.Change the dimensions from “320×240” to “128×128”.

    8.Launch iriverter, and select the E10 under Options > Device > iriver.

    9.Click the Single Video button.

    10.Specify the video file to be converted for the input field, and specify the output file where you want to save it.

    Alternatively, the new iriverter also supports the ability to rip and convert an entire DVD, which is just as straightforward as converting a single video.
    Click Convert.

  2. hey thanx for that man . i just got an iriver e10 the stupid sales assistant told me that it had the program for the movies but as soon as i got into it… it wasnt there. thanx a bunch man.

    and i dont see whats rong with the iriver e10’s i just got 1 yesterday it seems really simple(i upgraded from a cd player) those people that find it hard might want to read the owners manual because it has all the info u need there (except for the movies) i managed to get all my music on to the iriver withing 5 minutes from poping the cd in. thanx for that

  3. hey thanx mate i’ve been workin to get this thing to play videos for ages and i was just about ready 2 put my fist through it. I don’t know how u figured it out but thanx alot mate Fully SIK

  4. I have tried your advice about iriverter and i still can’t get anything to work. Also tried badak. I cannot believe how hard they make it and would never ever buy another iriver because of this one extremely frustrating problem. Didn’t buy ipod because i thought i’d be doing the world a service, but now regret it

  5. Did as boi recs but changed to wrapperFormat=mp4 as well then downloaded straight to the e10
    video folder F:\Video\video name .mp4 . using iriverter avi files don’t work!

  6. … wow! That video thingy works!
    Cant see too much on the screen, can’t emagine watching a movie for 2 hours on that little screen, but when you have nothing else to do.. mm GRREAT toy I think.
    Hope the HDD will not fall into bad sectors on the first year of use. I’ve been repairing some cellphones (in a warranty service departament) with those, found them very unreliable…
    So, Guys! For f.. sake don’t drop them!!
    Good luck people Instructions are great!
    E10 – Rulez!

  7. Thanks for the instructions they have worked for me. Only problem when I convert a game trailer it works but looses it colour. Black and white is okay but colour would be great. Any ideas on how to correct this?

  8. boi’s instructions work perfectly for me.

    I was trying to get the same result using AVS Video Converter – but no luck
    the e10 must be very particular about the format.


  9. I cant dinf the folder for the program after I’ve installed so I can’t change it from u10 to e10.

  10. yea im having the same problem as martin… i cant seem to find the iriverter folder in my program files folder :(… Does anyone no how to find it?

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