PGR3 Style Pack: The Mini’s Back!11!!11!1eleven! Cat and Mouse Added!

Ask a hundred gamers what car they miss the most from PGR2, and at least six point three will answer “the Mini, you stupid bastard!”

I don’t remember seeing it before, but Cat and Mouse is now an available game type, formalizing “the mini game” from PGR2 – where the idea was that two drivers would form a team, one in a fast car and one in a Mini, and the idea was to push your E-class car across the finish line first… or just harrass the other team’s mini so it couldn’t… Can’t wait to play that one again!

For 400 Points, you get the Style Pack for PGR3, including twelve cars. The cars are also available individually, for something like 60 points each (so getting the beloved Mini Cooper S back costs only a buck), and there’s a freebie RJF Spyder 3.8.

No new tracks (ever) – Bizarre have previously stated that downloadable tracks are not going to happen, in large part due to their storage requirements (1-2GB/track).

Update: Bizarre’s post with details of three new game modes, and the ability to upload photos from the game!