Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox 360) – First First Impressions

 Ever since playing the BFMC demo and discovering that it didn’t suck, a slow, nagging consumerist urge has been building within me. I knew I wanted this game, even though Battlefield is clearly a mouse-friendly franchise.

While shop-surfing today, BF2MC was all smouldering eyes at me, but I couldn’t act while my girlfriend was there, and suspicious. Instead, I managed to distract her with a nearby dress shop, then snuck back to touch the cover gently.

After about thirty seconds of cover-petting, I made the $104 decision, marched to the counter, and the rest is history.

Enough Blather, How Is It?

It’s pretty good so far. Due to an IINet outage this afternoon/evening I wasn’t able to take her online to try her out on hordes of anonymous strangers, so the single-player campaign has been my focus.

The missions were really ridiculously hard, until I worked out that the blue button warps to another soldier… and suddenly, mission 3 (or the first sniper mission, whichever one that was) was do-able. The campaign actually has a storyline and doesn’t feel like a botmatch in the same way that the PC single player does.

I’m enjoying the single-player “challenges” too, they break up the relentless mission-based-ness nicely.

If the demo was any indication, a veritable smorgasbord of poorly-coordinated lackeys await me online.

So far, so good; I’ll post more thoughts later.