More BF2MC impressions

Following on from my earlier impressions, I took BFMC out for a spin on Live, and she didn’t disappoint.

On a fairly unpopulated server, I was one stinking kill away from my first medal (Sniper – 10 kills without dying), but the time ran out. I’m still sitting here buzzing. It was fun.

The scenario: I was stuck up an abandoned tower on Bridge Too Far, and had successfully managed to kill 7 people, one chopper gunner and one chopper pilot (boom!), but was down to two bullets and couldn’t squeeze out the last couple of kill shots before teammates rained artillery on my intended victims.

If I had a complaint, it’s that the controls are nigh-on indecipherable and the manual is no help. Though typing that right then, I figured I could probably find out through the in-game Settings menu or something – heck, *other* people were managing to parachute instead of fall, so there must be a way… It’s probably the Y button, isn’t it?

Whatever – I’m really, really enjoying it online – moreso than GRAW at the moment (GRAW has this annoying lockup thing that seems to happen between 20 and 50 minutes into a map… very annoying).

Online so far: 8/10.