Iriver Clix Here Now (must be Julytember)

Note: Can also be used in portrait mode. My watch says it’s still July (not quite the rumoured September), but JB Macquarie had an Iriver Clix (at least two, actually) in store for $AUD292 today. A friend snapped it up eagerly; I’m waiting to see how he feels about it before deciding whether I need another MP3/WMA/Ogg player.

The Clix seems to be the pick of the non-Ipod bunch at the moment, beating the poxy E10 and the unattractive masses. Ticks in just about every box, but they’ve got one of those flattish USB cables rather than USB. If that’s seriously the only drawback, it might well be worth considering.

It’s also available elsewhere cheaper (~$270) – staticice had some listings – but I’m preferring brick-and-mortar purchases at the moment – JB did well by me last time I bought a crappy Iriver from them.

So I guess I’m an “in the hand” kind of guy right now.

Not in that way. Stop being disgusting.

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