Ad-Click Sundays

If you’re like me, you’re probably quite well-used to avoiding banner ads. You see them, you recognize them, you ignore them. You never click them. I don’t actively use an ad-blocker (I use pop-up blockers), though.

Well, I’m instituting a new policy – on Sundays, if a site rewards my presence with information that I find useful, I’ll reward the site with some clicks on banner ads that don’t do the pop-under, pop-up, pop-around, pop-in or click hijacking thing.

If a site isn’t going to abuse my trust or attempt to fool me into ad clicks, I’ll click. And this applies to RSS feed ads too.

Is it valuable to click an ad on a Sunday only? Well, when the choice to the advertiser is between clicks on a Sunday and no clicks at all, that’s a more than infinite-times increase in clicks from me. That’s value.

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