Loads of new Xbox 360 bumf

I’m not in a bad mood.

XBL Marketplace now has the Saint’s Row demo! It’s still downloading.

There’s also a trailer of GTR for Xbox 360, due in “Spring 2007”. I saw GTR2 on the Coming Soon rack at EB the other day; interesting they didn’t just start with 2. Anyway, the video looked damn sweet, and at least it seemed to use less prerendered footage than the silly Forza 2 E3 video, so it’s probably worth a look.

Then again, bloody Lawnmower Man used less prerendered footage than the silly Forza E3 video. That’s another way of saying it’s not worth downloading. No Forza 2 video released so far is worth the byte stream it’s transferred on. Just wait for the end of the year and buy it – yeah, even with a silly prerendered trailer or four, Forza 1 was that good that I’m going to buy 2 without bothering to think about it.

Arcade finally picks up Street Fighter 2 HF (another MAMEish job, not a glossy reinterpretation, sadly) and the classic (read: not particularly good, although 100% faithful) Galaga.

I’m really not in a bad mood. Oh, sod it, I am. Bah. I’ll try Saint’s Row tomorrow and be back with the news…