Dead Rising Demo now in Australian XBL Marketplace

Spong Beaux says:
Dead Rising demo FTW
Spong Beaux says:
1 gig
Spong Beaux says:
15 minutes play
Spong Beaux says:
but sweeeeeeet zombie killing fun
Spong Beaux says:
I was just:
– baseball batting hordes of zombies followed by
– some skateboarding through said zombies, followed by
– some shotgunning of zombs, plus
– some golf (at zombies, natch)
while wearing a giraffe’s head.
Spong Beaux says:
There was also a cute little tank top and short shorts that I got into, then thought better of
Spong Beaux says:
with the giraffe’s head, it was just too much.

’nuff said. Except, well, I’ll be buying it. Back to caving… SKULL caving, mwuhahahaha. Cough.

Update: Sexy Lego Man Goes On Zombie Killing Rampage.

You can trust me, I'm a doctor. Does anyone need medical attention? Ho ho!

Before and After shots included. That’s a guitar I’m owning them with. But I’m a big fan of the scythe, and the golf clubs. The demo timer expired before I could get a shot in the horse’s head (I thought it was a giraffe; apparently just a long-necked horse).