My Media Centre’s Started Skipping Backwards!

The other day, I dropped in an Athlon X2 4200+, taking the opportunity to upgrade my socket 939 board before the opportunity is lost forever.

At about the same time, though, my MCE started losing time when skipping. I barely noticed it at first, or just ignored it, but it’s a pervasive and annoying problem.

The first time you tried to skip during an ad break, it would actively jump back into the program, usually a couple of minutes. Once it jumped backwards once, you could jump forward normally.

It doesn’t affect DivX video, only recorded TV so far.

Pausing the show and stopping it, you can work out that the “time track” seems to have come unstuck from the moving pictures – the pictures gradually move ahead of the time. When stopping and playing – or skipping – you can see the time do roughly what it should, but the video will be back to where it was. Bum!

I’m still fiddling with things at the moment; here’s what I’ve tried unsuccessfully so far:

  • Athlon 64 X2 processor driver upgrade to June 2006 version
  • System Restore back to before the new CPU was installed (so I got to set up the hardware again)
  • 91.93 Forceware drivers
  • WinDVD upgrade from WinDVD 7 release 7 to release 8 (mostly dated 2006)

As it’s a bloody mission-critical application, I can’t do any more fiddling tonight; I’m one reboot down (the WinDVD upgrade was most recent and asked to reboot, but I can’t restart with recordings happening on pain of de-scrotum-ment).

I might as well whine about the WinDVD upgrade process too; I had no idea how to work out whether a newer version than the one I bought was available. A patch helper/version checker would be most useful.

If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll try PureVideo, but WinDVD tends to look better.