Newish E10 Firmware 1.03 (UMS)

Still no MTP firmware, oh, the joy, so most of my complaints probably still stand. Did I mention I wasn’t a fan of their website?

But if you’re actually using this good-looking-but-crippled hunk’o’crap, the latest firmware is available here.

Teh Web also has copies of Iriver Plus3 kicking around, which is rumoured to do video encoding. I say rumoured because the official site is in Korean and requires registration for a download, but I spotted other links in the web search that might pan out…

And last up – if you’re coming here for genuine enthusiasm about Iriver media players, you’ve been sadly misled. Try instead – that’s where the crazies go to a) post news of new iriver firmware updates and b) hang out and moan about how wonderful their players could have been.

2 thoughts on “Newish E10 Firmware 1.03 (UMS)

  1. hey
    just to say that the e10 is not all that horrible and that dood, you seriously hate the thing man x]
    i happen to be korean, and i have an account for the main site, and there is an korean online board that sorta works like a forum called a “cafe” that helps owners of the e10 with setup and use
    people also create flash themes and upload them
    lots of people there complain about being limited to use the iriver software to transfer music
    but there seems no way to go around that for now
    this player isnt even half year old yet i think, and iriver should be taking in feedbacks and improving their software and firmwares

    i dont know where this player is sold other than south korea, but it obviously isnt supported there
    only korean support seems to be available, and that online cafe is available to you if youre korean
    if your girlfriend needs help with using the e10, post questions or mail me

  2. Hi

    Maybe you can help me. I have had my e10 for one month and it has worked fine, except the usb cable wasn’t completely right. But my boyfriend has one too and his works better for mine and mine works better for his so we swapped…

    But now for some unknown reason it won’t get picked up by my laptop, his desktop, or my mum’s desktop, so it is definitely a problem with the e10. Do you have any tips, or a link to a driver or something that may fix this problem. It is very new in Australia and there isn’t much support for this device. I might have to take it back. It displays on the iriver screen ‘usb connected’ but just isn’t recognised at all by any computers. Nothing at all happens when i plug it in.

    Grateful for your help if you can give it. I wish I could read Korean…

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