Through alliances with leading software providers, AMD LIVE!™ Entertainment Suite allows you to access, distribute, and enjoy your live and pre-recorded TV, music, photos, videos an more in bold new ways:

  • AMD LIVE! Compress from the makers of Power Compress enables you to compress the TV shows and movies you’ve recorded using Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition in order to save space and time. You will be able to download these applications free from this website in the very near future.
  • AMD LIVE! On Demand powered by Orb extends your entertainment experience to anywhere you are, at home or on the go! Access and control your live and pre-recorded TV, music, photos, videos and more from virtually any web connected electronic gadget.
  • AMD LIVE! LogMeIn allows you to remotely access and control your AMD LIVE! system, get access to content, files, programs, bookmarks, etc., from anywhere, and move media or files between work and home PCs.

Link to AMD LIVE!

I exclusively have AMD-based PCs at the moment, but I’m not convinced these won’t work on an Intel platform.

I record too much TV. I compulsively click Record Series when I should just be recording a show, and as a result I’m always fighting with the dreaded Disk Space Constraints.

I tried Live Compress, but it didn’t work on my computer. With the skipping backwards issue reducing my confidence in the platform (which is mostly fixed now, I might add), I’m thinking that upgrading to the next release of Windows Vista, doing a clean install, might be the best option for me; rebuilding the MCE installation with only 6 months left on the upgrade clock (or less, if they actually ship a B3/RC in the September timeframe) seems like a pain in the bum.

Still, remote recording would be cool, so I might give Orb a try.

2 thoughts on “AMD LIVE!

  1. Hey man I like what all those links can combine to become; remote-tivo ahoy! I’ve used logmein for a while, but not for recording through DVR software. Instead I download a lot of things and I can set them to start while I’m at work so they download during my commute and they’re ready when I get home. It’s fantastic. Remote access software is some of the coolest most useful stuff to have come out in the last couple years.

    Anyway keep up the blogging dude

  2. Hey Titan, thanks for the comments! I haven’t used LogMeIn yet, cos I’ve been an avid Remote Desktop user forever now, and I get stuff onto the non-MCE PC that way when I’m not at home, then Synctoy it across.

    The Orb thing seems a bit weird – I was expecting something that tied in a bit better with the MCE experience, a bit more like WebGuide ( ), which I’m going to have to try now! The remote streaming seemed sorta useful – a Media Centre Extender anywhere, I guess you’d call it!

    I tried a recent Vista version, and it looked sooo close to being ready for prime-time. Yes, even on the Media Center! DivX crashed, but Xvid works fine…

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