Feeling A Bit Ripped Off

I saw Xtreme Rally and GTI Racing – new releases on Steam – for $US30. Read some good reviews, so I bought them.

Now here’s the rub – they don’t seem to be particularly good, in a “they are quite jerky when the framerate is otherwise good” sort of way. The sort of way I’d usually associate with – yes – a timing problem. The same as the one I describe there? Who cares!? It’s jerky.

So, it looks like XR and GTIR fit into my “don’t like the Athlon X2” category.

I persevered with both, and while they’re vaguely fun to play even with the jerkiness, the one-stop-every-tenth-of-a-second pulsing of the framerate turns me off. If I’d bought the “pack” from a retail store, I’d be returning it about now.

GTIR isn’t as bad, but the effect is still there and still noticeable. Perhaps it’s just me?