Miami Vice

I finally got around to seeing Miami Vice.

The cinema – Greater Union Gold Class at Macquarie – had picture and audio issues. The whole movie crackled from start to finish. Big black specks littered the screen right the way through the movie. I couldn’t ignore them for the first half hour, but after that half hour, the movie had sucked me in.

I appreciated having to bring prior knowledge to the jargon, it made the whole thing seem more realistic. I found myself anxiously awaiting the outcome of the action sequences; they were absolutely stellar, particularly the trailer park sequence.

David and Margaret review the movie at the link below – I’m not sure the plot was quite as hackneyed as Margaret seems to think; David’s spot on the money when he comments that there are some “really great scenes in this”.

If the narrative had been just a little more flowing, and perhaps a few of the sex scenes cut shorter or even inferred, it might have been a complete success.

Link to At the Movies: Miami Vice

I’ll give it 7/10; if the cinema had got the audio and video right, it might have nudged up to an 8. I’ll be getting it on DVD, I think.

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