Xbox 360 Controller and Ventrilo Push-To-Talk

Xanthan asked whether you could configure Ventrilo to use one of the Xbox 360 Controller buttons for the push-to-talk hotkey. He also mentioned a wireless adapter for Windows, which I hadn’t heard of, but sounds way cool if true!

To answer the question: Yep. This is on Windows, natch.

From the Ventrilo Setup page, tick the DirectInput thing, then hit Controller.

The Controller dialog works right-to-left (wtf!?) so the stuff on the right is actually not enabled, you need to Add it over to the left for the button presses to be watched.

OK that dialog back to the setup panel, and click in the hotkey area – it’ll change to Mouse1, but that’s OK – just hit the button you want to use for Push To Talk. I used the Start button, but any button other than the Guide button is workable.

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