Armadillo Run

Take one physics engine. Provide some basic materials – cloth, metal bars, rope, elastic, rubber and metal sheeting, and some rockets. Slap a minimal but functional 3D user interface on it.

Then add a yellow bowling ball called “Armadillo” and an exit spot where the Armadillo must come to rest, and pow! You’ve got a game!

Remember The Incredible Machine? This is like a simpler and better version, using physics in the place of wacky devices.

All the structures in the game are built from the basic primitives. The primitives interact with each other in predictable ways – you might get lucky with a design, but you’ll never get lucky by pure chance.

It’s Meccano-meets-Mouse Trap for grownups. It’s a compelling and rewarding experience, and there is a growing library of custom maps, playable with the full version of the game, which is very cheap at $AU25.

I was planning on spending the weekend playing Defcon, and while it’s good, Armadillo Run (and Just Cause, it has to be said) has occupied more of my time.

My problem now is that I want to compare my 1337 designs with my friends for cost-efficiency, but I know none of them have heard of it yet. Until now.

Excellent game, 4 out of 5 yellow bowling balls. Highly recommended.

Demo available too.

Cool AR video on YouTube

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