Jericho: Must we suffer this much longer?

In its quiet moments, especially those with my man Skeet, Jericho almost works. It ain’t no Lost, though it has (had?) the potential to be up there.

For the most part, Jericho is an awesome concept that’s completely buggered by poor execution: Unexciting action sequences. Technology that doesn’t work like it does in the real world – did 832.198.532.191 (or similar, as was typed into a web browser on tonight’s episode) ever work as an IP address? Of course not! One second of technical consultancy would fix that type of problem, but nope, the writers are too busy trying to write another forced and tired action sequence instead of some convincing interpersonal dialogue.

The actors are carrying the series; the writers and director(s?) just aren’t keeping the tension levels up. Boring action sequence on boring action sequence. Pseudoscience on pseudoscience. Weird digital artifacts on live TV. Meh.

I might have to give it a miss for a few weeks, so that all the super-obvious clues have faded from my mind; maybe it’s better with less exposure.

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