V8 Supercars on Channel 7 – looking good

I missed the announcements over the off-season about the V8 Supercars ending up on 7 – I just spotted it while plotting my weekend recordings in MCE (thanks, IceTV!).

I tuned in, and heard a familiar-sounding voice – Matthew White! I remember he disappeared to Seven sometime last year (causing more double-takes), and watching for a little while longer, who popped up but Neil Crompton?! Excellent!

They were both bubbling with barely-contained enthusiasm while talking about this season – let’s hope they can maintain the momentum throughout the year.

I hope the quality of the broadcast pictures is higher than it was on 10 – the V8s were reliably one of the worse-quality SD broadcasts (not as bad as F1, but still not great).

Nope, it’s no better.


Except: It seems like every time Channel 7 change their channel title to “7 SD Digital”, Media Center decides it’s a set of 5 new channels, and the Guide gets screwed up.

Other channels don’t seem to have this problem- it’s just 7.

2 thoughts on “V8 Supercars on Channel 7 – looking good

  1. Thought the coverage was OK. As well as having the “Top 10” position updates, they should also have updated/showed positions for the entire field more often

  2. Yeah – it took me a while to get used to the scrolling thingy at the bottom, and it took a little too long to read through it.

    I’m a man, I can’t multi task to the point of listening to the commentary while reading the scrollies. Pity.

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