Fuck you, Hulu

Content is not available in my region.

Fuck you and your region. Typical “we are the world” US-centric bullshit.

Hulu seems to be a digital remnant of the old school network model. They’re trying to make themselves the default, easy option for US people to view US content, and thus retain their existing advertising models, by claiming to the advertisers that stuff seen on Hulu counts as much as it woulda on the networks.

I plead with content producers: disintermediate. Find another non-iTunes system that lets you collect payment directly from your patrons, and lets anyone in the world watch your shows.

Or failing that, let overseas users buy Hulu licenses – like Beeb licenses (fuck you too, BBC) – that let non-regional audiences tune in.

Geography ain’t what it used to be.

4 thoughts on “Fuck you, Hulu

  1. How hard can it be to make a freaking TV station for the ‘net? Apparently, it’s impossible. Note to content providers: if you don’t provide any legal means to consume your content, people will do it illegally. That’s a shame, because you’re not only missing out on advertising income but also go so far as turning away consumers who are willing to pay for your stuff. Illegal, free P2P networks are not your competition. Your only competition is your own mind-boggling stupidity.

  2. Fuck you hulu. Fuck you ge, nbc, hp and disney. Fuck you’s all.

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