We’re Just Clickstitutes, Really

Shifty and I had a dinner meet tonight.

More importantly than anything else I need to share, I need to claim a couple of words as my own:

Clickstitute – someone running a site for the ad revenue. “Shifty is a total clickstitute.”

Buggerovich – a faux Eastern European curse, used in place of “bugger”. For example: “Aw buggerovich.”

3 thoughts on “We’re Just Clickstitutes, Really

  1. I think that buggerovich would be used as a mild expletive, instead of an adjective, not so much when you hit your thumb with a hammer, but more like:

    Person 1: “they have cancelled Today Tonight”
    Person 2: “Buggerovich”

  2. Have they really!? I’m not sure that’d count as a “buggerovich”, more a “wahooovich!”

    (I don’t like current affairs shows… could ya tell?)

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