Afterlife is over

Dunno why, but my MCE decided that I didn’t really want to record it (probably due to my network rip-and-replace shenanigans earlier).

So, I missed Episode 5, but caught Episode 6, the finale.

And if you’ve only just tuned in, perhaps because you switched over after something else had finished and caught Ep6, well, that’s it, folks. Mini-Series One is over.

I’d love to see a second season, but I have a selection of interesting problems:

  • I have no idea how the show rated in Australia
  • It would appear that we got the show first – ahead of ITV
  • No website – not from a TV network, not from a production company, nothing

And the upshot from all this is: I know nothing. Sorry.

A brief synopsis for the clue hunters: In the final episode, a seance is held, with other victims from Alison’s accident, but there’s a sense of impending doom about the proceedings… or is it just closure?

5 thoughts on “Afterlife is over

  1. I’m stunned we got this show first…that’s a first in itself. Usually we are limping behind like coutnry cousins when it comes to TV. Sorry you missed the next to last show. A corker! Want to hear a brief synopsis? (email me) The finale left me in a state of shock. Still think there is room for more. Alison and Robert had a bit of an electrical charge of the Scully and Muldar kind. The believer/non-believer trope. So glad I’ve found someone who enjoyed it.

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

    A friend had a recording of the second last show, so I’ll watch it at their place (thanks for the offer though).

    I found Robert to be quite annoying – but then perhaps that’s the point, with his emotional damage ‘n’ all.

    Anyway, I really, really hope they do a second season, I’ll be there with bells on.

  3. I watched every episode. I taped the season finale – but because the program before ran over (stupid X-Factor and stupid Simon Cowell) I missed the final five or ten CRITICAL MINUTES. I’ve kind of guessed what might be the upshot, but I don’t know for sure, and the not knowing will kill me. Can anyone fill me in? My email is if anyone can!
    Oh, and ITV in the UK has their own Afterlife site at . Never mind the celebrity wrestling bit – it’s a genuine Afterlife site, there’s video clips and character pages and everything.

  4. Has anyone got the last episode of Afterlife the series shown on ITV that they can send me. I have been really kicking myself for setting my recorder wrong. I really enjoyed the series and missing the last one in the series is torture. Please help. You can reach me at

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