When You Just Need A Mouse That Says "Vulva"

It’s probably more a Freudian comment on my poor, sad mind than anything else, but I absolutely fell in love with this mouse as soon as I saw the picture, and I think I know why.


It doesn’t help that "laser" sounds bit like "labia". They burble on about it being designed to look like a gym shoe. I think the designer was having a bit of a dry spell.

Either way, that’s a damn sexy-looking mouse, I have to admit.

Especially after that crummy Starck mouse that didn’t look like anyone’s private bits at all.


Which would you rather sleep with?

3 thoughts on “When You Just Need A Mouse That Says "Vulva"

  1. If you say that the starck mouse doesn’t look like private parts, then obviously you have never heard of the camel toe.

  2. It might be a bit late for a comeback – let’s see, it’s only been almost five years – but clearly I’ve never heard of sarcasm either.

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