Serenity One Last Time

Saw Serenity for what’s probably going to be the last time at the movies tonight. While DVDs are cool and all, it’s a pity that movies don’t get trotted out at the cinemas again more often.

This time, there was a highly appreciative audience, and larger! (talk about peaking late… word is slow to get around these days). It’s a movie that actually improves on re-watches (apart from a couple of oddly-dodgily sequenced effects shots during the crash (and one during the first landing in a field) – hey Joss, let me check it before release next time, please. Thanks. Good man.)

They say that TV is the future, that people won’t go out to the movies any more. Well, until TV gets pumped into my optic nerve at an equivalent (or more immersive) size than the movies, it’s just not going to blow me away in the same way. Until technology catches the size and detail of a movie screen, the evil-price-gouging-at-the-candy-bar-movies can have my dollars.

I’m sadder than I should be to see Serenity fade away – everyone, and I mean everyone that I’ve suggested/harangued/bullied/kidnapped to go see it has really enjoyed it. Surprisingly much. It’s a pity it wasn’t somehow better marketed among non-geeks. I think its half-life on DVD will be pretty good, especially as Firefly’s DVD audience is still steadily growing. Let’s face it, Everyone Loves Firefly.

If you’ve been putting it off, it might be your last chance. Go see it. You won’t want to sue Joss for your life back.

Hot tip: Chicks dig Doctor Simon.

5 thoughts on “Serenity One Last Time

  1. Forget Simon- I say Mal!
    ps I can’t believe it’s going on DVD in Aus & it is STILL not out in the movies in the NL’s…I don’t think people believe in space movies over here

  2. Mal looked a little… um… over-angular in the movie, for my money. And the blow-dry seemed to waft a lot.

    According to a UIP post, it’s going direct to DVD in most other countries.

    So, I guess we know what a fanatical Internet audience buys you for a movie: about $US 30 million at theatrical release.

    Note to United Pictures: please advertise better next time. The movie was better than Sith in just about every way.

    Hopefully, it’ll do a Transporter and make it back on DVD, and we might get the Real Trilogy.

  3. Kip: everything in NL is behind, except beer technology.

    Spong: Mal might have been angular due to the higher resolution of the cinema screen, much as Serenity gained extra panels and stuff that you just couldn’t make out on the TV. And let’s not forget the “futuristic” suspenders. The thing that made Mal less appealing, to me, was that he wasn’t as likeable. He was more selfish and his jokes weren’t funny. Commitee jokes.

    Sith had the following over Serenity:
    Satisfactorily explaining everything without betraying canon

  4. And I would have to say, as a guy, that Kaylee was the female draw in this movie. I have always been an Inara man, but she lost something in the translation to the big screen. Zoe’s dress was pretty good though.

    I know that there is a whole Summer Glau fanboy culture out there but it is not for me.

  5. Inara didn’t seem to get enough screen/plot time, and I agree, there was something a bit different about her bigscreen – it’s as if she was used as the boobs of the movie. Not much speaking, lots of bouncing.

    And Mal was just plain nasty for the first half of the movie… but I think that was an “everybody hates me” thing. AND he spoke mainly in weirdo English, which was kinda hard to follow the first time (though it might have been the “it’s a movie, let’s have some background noise” thing). Kaylee always rocked.

    I thought Summer did a really good job, except that the “duh” bit on “am I talking to Miranda now?” never seemed to draw the laugh I thought it could have.

    I didn’t think canon was betrayed. I’m sure it was shot digitally.

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