Onward and upward to iinet.

For the last few months, I’ve been bashing my head against the 10GB Unlimited limit on Telstra (the one where they give you 64K shaped after 10 gig, but “shaped” means “in 26K for a second then nothing for four” chunks), so I’m moving to iinet. I’m hoping a DSL2 upgrade happens reasonably soon too, but if not, I can live with 1500/256 for a while, with a greater data allowance.

I’ve been with Bigpond Cable since 1998-9 (with a 1 year gap in 2000), and it’s been an up-and-down experience. I’m keeping the cable connection for a month while I try out the DSL, and if all goes well, I’m outta here. Possibly to return if my phone line sucks (which is a very real possibility).

One thought on “A New ISP

  1. Welcome to the big Family of IINET happy customers.!!!!!
    Now, if BB2 is available in your place* you will need new HDD to Store all your downloads.

    *: In the country is always harder to get ADSL2 ,just remember what happened to TOE in Castle Hills 😉

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