Comment Spam FTW

It’s always personally gratifying to see comment spam of a positive nature, but when the comment spammers don’t actually seem to be leaving any spammy URLs as well, you have to wonder what they’re on.

Note to non-leet speakers: FTW means “For The Win”, it’s not WTF rearranged. Except that it is. In letters. But not in words. Right.

Let’s take the example of Daniel:

Comment Author: Daniel Miller
Comment Type: Comment
Comment Content:
Just letting you know – your site is fantastic! my parents didnt told me about it:, thins that excited you at 14 , substances that cure you

Obviously I’m just waaaay behind the curve here. Unless Jonathan Schwartz is posting the comment spam. In which case, hi Daniel-or-should-I-say-Jonathan!? I’m on to you, mofo.

On the teeny chance it’s not Jonny, er, please stop it. The comment spam system we’ve got seems admirably capable of dealing with it (and most of Shifty’s comments, thank Christ).

6 thoughts on “Comment Spam FTW

  1. And Mr Schwartz, trying to raise Adobe’s pagerank using the same technique is reprehensible. Do your shareholders know what you’re doing?

    (OK, I’m going to lay off now).

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