Catching up on EPG News

News afoot on the MCE EPG front: Looks like Channel 9 were the first to blink, and obfuscated their TV Guide data.

Bad news for the screen scraper crowd, for now, though it’s just a temporary setback – the actual information still ends up at the client, it’s just harder to get to. I’m sure it’ll all be sorted out in short order, if it hasn’t already been…

Me, I’ve been pretty happy with IceTV’s IceGuide for the last couple of months. One of the lesser-publicized features is the commentary, with quips aplenty:

“Steven Seagal stars in this movie. That should be enough for you to work out whether you want to watch it.”

…and similar. They’re not just providing the information, they’re coldly rendering judgement on the content as well! It’s not for all shows, but the movie text generally has some cold gold within.

Now that’s a guide I can enjoy. I’ve even found myself reading the guide for entertainment on slow TV nights. Enough about that.

So I’ve taken to calling it Icyguide, reflecting the content.

I wonder if there might also be a market for Bunnyguide (positive fanboi hyperbole about every show), and Chopperguide (every f**king show’s just f**king crap, isn’t it kiddies?)…?

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