Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

Via Major Nelson: Microsoft opens the kimono, and we now know this:

1. Xbox 360 uses software emulation for backwards compatibility (Q&A)
2. and Xbox Live is going to provide updates to the compatibility set
3. The Australian Xbox 360 release date. (Well, that’s actually just conjecture, but the Games Wizards site puts the date at March 31).

Great news that it’s a fluid list, as I’m a big fan of Project Gotham 1 and 2, and I’m going to go get Operation Flashpoint Elite when I have a chance, which isn’t (yet) on the list either…

One thought on “Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

  1. So, by “great news”, you mean “TOP SPIN WON’T WORK!!”? It better bloody work by March 31st, or whenever I reurn to Australia, or I will BURN DOWN MICRO$OFT.*

    *actual burning will not occur

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