More on wireless networking w/ dual-band a/g routers

Looks like the cheap (sub-$AUD200) and easy option to get dual-band wireless in your home is here – here’s the Netgear site link, from which the following marketingspeak has been liberated:

The NETGEAR Double 108 Mbps Wireless Firewall Router (WGU624) delivers two simultaneous 108 Mbps networks to ensure the highest speeds and the best quality of service. In addition to the 108 Mbps 802.11 b/g network, users can access a “Fast Lane” – the 802.11a network. The “Fast lane” is ideal for the most demanding of applications including high quality video streaming and serious home office use.

If, like me, you’re connecting the MCE box to your wireless network, but prefer cable everywhere else and don’t really want to have the microwave, phone, neighbours’ weak-assed access point (or your girlfriend’s hair dryer, as I discovered yesterday) interfere with the MCE streaming goodness, this plus an 802.11a-capable Wireless NIC might just be the go, not to mention it’s the only dual-band A-capable router I could find at my favourite online stores…

The only problem now is that AusPCMarket don’t seem to have a USB 802.11a network adapter available (no more PCI slots in the Media Centre). Seen one around?

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