Afterlife is over

Dunno why, but my MCE decided that I didn’t really want to record it (probably due to my network rip-and-replace shenanigans earlier).

So, I missed Episode 5, but caught Episode 6, the finale.

And if you’ve only just tuned in, perhaps because you switched over after something else had finished and caught Ep6, well, that’s it, folks. Mini-Series One is over.

I’d love to see a second season, but I have a selection of interesting problems:

  • I have no idea how the show rated in Australia
  • It would appear that we got the show first – ahead of ITV
  • No website – not from a TV network, not from a production company, nothing

And the upshot from all this is: I know nothing. Sorry.

A brief synopsis for the clue hunters: In the final episode, a seance is held, with other victims from Alison’s accident, but there’s a sense of impending doom about the proceedings… or is it just closure?

Afterlife (Tuesdays 9:30)

Afterlife is a strange show – strange because nobody on the web has actually seen it, or if they have, nobody’s writing about it. Even the ITV website (as credited by IMDB) doesn’t seem to have an entry for it… weird. Way to go avoiding buzz.

Maybe – shock – it’s being shown in Australia first?

Bleh, anyway, I watched the second episode “Lower than Bones” with my girlfriend squealing at the dripping wet dead girl (on my scale: goosebumps), and was happy when I found she’d not yet deleted the first episode from the media centerm which was also pretty good.

The show is based around the ability of medium Alison Mundy (Lesley Sharp) to see the dead. She’s been in and out of mental hospital over the years, looking for a “cure”, but nothing’s worked, and she seems the worse off for it – torn between acceptance of her gift and the desire to be rid of it. Robert (Andrew Lincoln from Love Actually) is a psychology lecturer that previously lost his son in a car crash and his wife to his inability to move on, and in the first episode (might as well tell you) loses a student to suicide when Alison sees her dead mother behind her at a group “reading”. He can’t come to terms with Alison’s apparent abilities, and won’t believe she can see his son, who she says is trying to help her help him.

The format seems pretty episodic for a mini-series (which I’d assumed was a series-series, none of this “mini” bollocks – but no, it’s a 6-parter says IMDB), but it’s probably not too late to pick it up now if you haven’t already.

The first two episodes were a welcome relief from most of the crap on free-to-air at the moment (is it just me, or is there a dearth of quality TV on FTA in Australia at the moment?).