Did Alonso Block Massa?

This video on YouTube shows what is reported to be the blocking incident.

If this is the video the stewards watched, well, it’s bullshit. I can understand Alonso’s frustration and Briatore’s now-apologized-for outburst.

I pity the FIA for having to stand behind the stewards on that call. That’s just crazy. Look at it!

After starting tenth, Alonso’s engine blew up before the end of the race – which arguably might have happened anyway – leaving a scant two point margin over Michael in the championship. It’s going down to the wire! 

It’s even money on Shuey for the last few races. I hope Alonso wins. Schumacher is very, very good, though. Pity someone decided he needed help.

Blatant SEO for “cbnccccccb/f n,ko o o9 0o og\hi”

Yes, while I slug my guts out trying to decide just how good the Saints Row demo is (I always feel uncomfortable without an apostrophe, but I guess You Kids can’t actually use apostrophes without getting confused), Darryn’s up to some shameless Search Engine Optimization for his new money-spinning phrase “cbnccccccb/f n,ko o o9 0o oghi“. Cock.

1Up Hates IE?

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3148763.

Operation aborted


Pretty much every time I follow a link to a 1up site, so far on four machines and from different locations, in IE or Maxthon, I get an Operation Aborted. Not absolutely every time, but 9 times out of 10.

1Up: Please fix.

Comment Spam FTW

It’s always personally gratifying to see comment spam of a positive nature, but when the comment spammers don’t actually seem to be leaving any spammy URLs as well, you have to wonder what they’re on.

Note to non-leet speakers: FTW means “For The Win”, it’s not WTF rearranged. Except that it is. In letters. But not in words. Right.

Let’s take the example of Daniel:

Comment Author: Daniel Miller
Comment Type: Comment
Comment Content:
Just letting you know – your site is fantastic! my parents didnt told me about it: http://www.sun.com, thins that excited you at 14 , substances that cure you

Obviously I’m just waaaay behind the curve here. Unless Jonathan Schwartz is posting the comment spam. In which case, hi Daniel-or-should-I-say-Jonathan!? I’m on to you, mofo.

On the teeny chance it’s not Jonny, er, please stop it. The comment spam system we’ve got seems admirably capable of dealing with it (and most of Shifty’s comments, thank Christ).


Onward and upward to iinet.

For the last few months, I’ve been bashing my head against the 10GB Unlimited limit on Telstra (the one where they give you 64K shaped after 10 gig, but “shaped” means “in 26K for a second then nothing for four” chunks), so I’m moving to iinet. I’m hoping a DSL2 upgrade happens reasonably soon too, but if not, I can live with 1500/256 for a while, with a greater data allowance.

I’ve been with Bigpond Cable since 1998-9 (with a 1 year gap in 2000), and it’s been an up-and-down experience. I’m keeping the cable connection for a month while I try out the DSL, and if all goes well, I’m outta here. Possibly to return if my phone line sucks (which is a very real possibility).

Motorsport News: !!! Super Aguri Formula One !!!

(The exclamation marks weren’t written, but they seemed appropriate)

The latest team to enter the F1 competition looks to be the new team Super Aguri Formula One.

Their entry would bring the total number of cars on the grid up to 22, and herald a return to a level of cuteness unseen in F1 since Team Plushie bowed out in the early 90s. Yes, I made that up.